How to handle a two-step corkscrew like a pro - courtesy of

The Complete Home Bar – Made Simple

Sending a tip of the hat to whiskey expert Mark Bylok who authored the great post “What’s in a Bar? Home Bar Essentials” on – which we shared on Twitter last week.

Thanks to the friendliness of the team, we have their blessing to share their handy illustration with you here on now, too.

The home bar setup - easily mastered. Courtesy of
The home bar setup – easily mastered. Courtesy of

You’re definitely going to want to pin, save, or otherwise keep handy the above illustration which provides a great guide to the types of glassware you’ll want in your home bar and a few classic cocktail recipes, easily mastered. By the way, the five-step illustration of how to properly use a two-step wine corkscrew? One of the best I’ve ever seen. No one likes cork pieces in their wine, so be sure to impress your guests when easily tame the corkscrew beast like a pro.

Cheers, friends!

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