Swanky seating with VIP service available at Common 414

Two New Bars Open on Fayetteville Street in Time for Fireworks

Last week while we were all looking at the annual 4th of July fireworks in Downtown Raleigh, two new bars quietly opened in time for the masses of foot traffic out for the event on Fayetteville Street: Capital City Tavern and Common 414.

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Capital City Tavern is the hybrid product of Cornerstone Tavern and the former 606 owners. Making its home at the former Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern location at the top of Fayetteville Street near the Capitol (112 Fayetteville Street, to be expect), the bar build-out itself looks very similar to Cornerstone Tavern on Glenwood South, but much bigger… to the tune of 80 feet of bar space. They’ve brightened the property significantly and installed a few large HD TVs for patrons to enjoy. Check the bar out on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Common 414 – a “Gatsby-themed jazz bar” draped in luxury and only admitting patrons 25+.

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From a cocktail perspective, Zack Medford, senior partner of Isaac Hunter’s Hospitality, shares that “the most exciting thing is that we’re partnering with a local Raleigh company, CRUDE Cocktail Bitters & Soda, who makes some of the most incredible, and unique cocktail ingredients I’ve ever had.” He goes on to add, “they make their own ginger beer, citrus mix, you name it.”

Noting that CRUDE is going to “major part” of Common 414’s cocktail experience, Medford says that a craft cocktail menu is in development. Glamour junkies get excited, this place is a beauty – the design theme at Common 414 is “art deco roaring twenties” with emphasis on a teal and gold gold color palette, crystal chandeliers, and what Medford calls a “real Jay Gatsby flair”. Visit the Common 414 website, Facebook page, and Twitter to connect.

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